Jose Luis Rodriguez extraordinary talent was recognized
by NY's Backstage Weekly, when he was the only Harpist
to ever be named Outstanding Cabaret Artist of the Year
and by the NY Theater Scene when they awarded
him their Critic's Choice Award.

The music critic of Back Stage Weekly wrote
"The sheer beauty of his fantasy arrangements on the harp
are in a league of their own. At times,this musical
prodigy seems to hear things that none of us mortals hears
and the audience is transfixed by the magic."

Jose Luis has performed solo concerts of
"Music from Hispanic America" at the Museum of the City
of New York and St Cecilia's Church under the auspices of
Musica De Camara. He has also presented a concert
celebrating the Puerto Rican Danza at the Museum
of the City of New York.

Jose Luis is a founding member
of the Beowulf Consort, an ensemble that "tells stories
through music."There have also been performances at
Carnegie Hall and the Bruno Walter Auditorium at
Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.

Jose Luis first became enamored with the harp at an early
age in his native Puerto Rico and began studies
with Maestro Jose Serrano in San Juan. Mr. Rodriguez
later moved to Los Angeles in order to study
with the world renowned Cuban harpist
and composer Alfredo Rolando Ortiz.

Upon returning to Puerto Rico Jose Luis was invited
to perform at La Fortaleza, the Governor's residence
in Old San Juan, for the International Governors Reunion.
He also performed at a reception in honor of
Mikael Gorbachev, the former president of the USSR
and for the Ricky Martin Foundation, at the request
of Ricky Martin.

During this time he often appeared at the leading
hotels and resorts in Puerto Rico.
Jose Luis currently divides his time between
New York and Puerto Rico.

This past winter Jose Luis performed at the Foundation Casa Cortes
in Old San Juan, the Grand Opening of the Mall of San Juan
and several wonderful restaurants including Valencia in Rio Piedras.
He has also performed at the Intercontinental and
El San Juan Hotels in Isla Verde and the Yacht Club
at Palmas del Mar in Humacao. Jose Luis accompanied
the well known Puerto Rican Vocalists Danny Rivera
and Chucho Avellenet in their series of concerts entitled
Coincidences throughout Puerto Rico and Miami.

Jose Luis extensive repertoire includes many traditional
works by great Hispanic composers including
Rafael Hernandez and Sylvia Rexach as well
popular Puerto Rican and Latin music. He enjoys
the many hits from the Great American Songbook and Broadway.
Jose Luis often performs at weddings and other private events.

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